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Access our state-of-the-art automated property appraisal models

At appaiser.ai we collect and analyze vast ammounts of heterogenous data related to real estate - from prices and listings to location and demographics data. This allows us to build powerful machine learning pricing models which provide a fast, cheap, and reliable estimate for the price of any single property and present it in an interpretable report. Contact us to learn how you can unlock the power of AI to serve your business.

worldwide real esate analytics

AI Meets Real Estate

Appaiser.ai aims to monitor the real estate market across the countries we opearte in, keeping an always up-to-date view of the market. This allows us to train and deploy top-nothch price prediction models.

We are global

We are currently in the process of expanding our data and analytics solutions to cover every country in Europe. After this we plan to slowly increase our coverage beyond the continent.


We create fully automated appraisal reports

Thanks to our cutting edge data science capabilities, we can generate on-demand automated appraisals for every residential property in the market we operate in. Our AI reports include market dynamics, comparable properties, and final price estimation. We aim to provide a high level ot interpretability to our reports.


API Access

We provide API access to our solutions to interested parties. Please contact us to learn more. In addition we offer customization and tailor made solutions to our clients to meet their specific needs.


Unlock the power of AI

We will be happy to discuss how our data and models can fit into and help your specific use case.

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