Utilize data and analytics for better real estate decision making

At we employ the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help deliver insights and guide decisions for real estate. Our cutting edge automated valuation and recommendations models power unique products that can be employed in mortgage or real estate brokerage.

Access our state-of-the-art automated property appraisal models

At we collect and analyze vast ammounts of heterogenous data related to real estate - from prices and listings to location and demographics data. This allows us to build powerful machine learning pricing models which provide a fast, cheap, and reliable estimate for the price of any single property and present it in an interpretable report. Contact us to learn how you can unlock the power of AI to serve your business.

Automated Valuation Models

Our automated valuation models (AVMs) offer a state-of-the-art level accuracy in all the markets we operate in. In addition we offer propritery property recommendation and time-to-sell models.

Rich Real Estate Datasets

We take great care to create high quality datasets with valuable real estate data. Our data powers all our models and can be employed in miriad ways by our customers.

Applications and APIs

Throughout the years our team has acquired a deep understanding of the business needs of different participants in the real estate market. We have used this understanding to create some unique applications that solve important business problems. Contact us to learn more.


We Know our Data

One of the core strengths of is our ability to collect and aggregate data from a huge variety of sources. Our models are built on top thousands of per-property characteristics. To achieve this, we not only use all official property transaction information, but also scrape all major listing sites. On top of that we add data such as demographics, crime rates, education data, electoral data, venues and infrastructure among many others.

We Tailor our Solutions for each Client

We understand that each of our clients has a different business need and different use cases for our products. That's why we customize our core machine learning model and data offering to meet your specific needs. The applications and products we offer our clients are wide ranging but all of them are powered by the same high quality analytics core.



Our Core Strengths

The strength of our company comes from our team of elite professionals and their ability to use the most advanced techniques in AI and Big Data to provide unique solutions for pressing business problems


Big Data

We collect high quality and high quantity of heterogenous data for everything connected to real estate.



We have a dedicated focus on building truly advanced and sophisticated AI models, focusing both on performance and AI interpretability.


Superstar Team

Our team has a proven track record of helping mutli-billion-dollar business better utilize their data.


Client Centric

We always put our clinets' needs first and foremost. Out solutions are tailor-made for each client.



Some of the projects we have executed successfully in the past.


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